English bhaona staged in Delhi


The Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev Namdharma Samaj has staged the legendary polymath of the 15th century Sankardev’s play ‘Udyog Parva’ bhaona at Sankardev Bhawan in Delhi on Saturday.

A cultural enthusiast and disciple of Sankardev, Arup Saikia from Jamugurihat has translated Sankardev’s Udyog Parva of Mahabharata and composed an English play and the play was staged in Sankardev Bhawan, Delhi.

A team of twenty youths from Biswanath district has performed the play.

“It is really a challenging job to perform a bhaona in English language, preserving its unique tone. We have translated Udyoga Parva, a traditional “Brajavali” nat (Script) written on the basis of the fifth book of the great epic Mahabharata” said Director-cum-translator of ‘Udyog Parva’ Arup Saikia.

It may be mentioned that, Arup Saikia’s home town Jamugurihat has a long tradition of organizing peoples’ Bhaona, popularly known as Barechaharia Bhaona, extending without break for about 220 years.


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