Erosion of Brahmaputra River takes frightful turn in Laharighat


The erosion of Brahmaputra has caused terror at the Laharighat region in Morigaon.

But at the late monsoon, Brahmaputra River takes a frightful turn in various regions of Laharighat. Moreover, the locals of the region had to break the Bekoni M.E. School due to erosion as a part of the school had completely affected by erosion.

Now, the future of the students of the school is unknown as no-one of the region knows for how many times the school will be there. There is no other place for the locals to shift the school from there.

Due to the negligence of the Water Resource Department of Assam, the locals of the region have to face a terrible situation.

It has been alleged by the locals of the region that, they had already informed the Water Resource Department in this regard but despite knowing the terrible situation of erosion, no one has still taken any initiative in this regard.

Moreover, local MLA Nazrul Islam and MP Pradyut Bordoloi have not presented there to know their condition yet.

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