Erring CBSE teachers and coordinators to face action


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to take action against 130 teachers and coordinators all over the country.

Reportedly, this action has been initiated following accusation by the students of errors in evaluating the Class 12 board exam answer sheets.

There has been a huge difference in marks before and after re-checking of the answer-scripts. In Patna, which has the highest number of such teachers and coordinators, 45 of them have been held responsible for calculating the marks incorrectly. In Dehradun, 27 teachers have been held accountable for erroneous evaluation.

Ajmer, Allahabad, and Delhi had the highest number of cases of marks being increased after re-evaluation in the country. More teachers could face actions.

CBSE Class 12 results had been declared on May 26.

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