EVMs hacked during 2014 polls, claims US man

Gopinath Munde was killed because he knew


The sensational claim of the US man in London press conference today are

  •  2014 General Election was rigged.
  • The man claimed to have been involved in designing the EVMs.
  • Many political parties were aware that it could be hacked.
  • Reliance Jio provided low frequency to rig the EVM
  • The man could not substantiate any one of his claims with documents
  • Presence of Kapil Sibal in the Press Conference raises doubt.
  • The man has not shown any evidence yet as he addressed a press conference from a secret location at London
  • The man is identified as Syed Shuja
  • He made some sensational and unsubstantiated unbelievable claims.
  • He claims Senior BJP leader Gopinath Munde knew about the EVMs being hacked and was “murdered” by his own party
  • Many political parties in the country were interested in finding out if EVMs could be hacked
  • Shuja claims to be a former employee of the Electronics Corporation of India Limited.
  • Election Commission of India will respond to the claims soon.
  • Shuja fled India and got asylum in US


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