Exceptional initiative by a hospital in Assam


Narayanpur Mahatma Gandhi Model Hospital in Lakhimpur, has been taking some outstanding initiatives by themselves at the hospital.

As per reports, during the day of inauguration of the hospital, the authority starts the day with “Borgeet“. Additionally, the hospital has its own “Wall magazine”, where the hospital authority along with the attendants and the patients gets the chance to expose their talent and feedback too.

Moreover the hospital has its own meditation center also, where the patients can go for meditation in free of cost. The hospital authority planted a few medicated saplings also around the hospital campus.

It may be stated that, since 2013, the 1st and 2nd September of each year, the hospital authority has been observing as “Samannai Divas” to tighten the bond between doctors and the public in the region.

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