Excise department and BIEO destroys lakhs of illegal liquor bottles in Guwahati


Assam excise department and Bureau of Investigation and Economic Offences (BIEO) have launched a major destruction of seized liquor in Guwahati city.

Thousands of liters of seized Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) where ceremonially destructed by BIEO officials using heavy rollers in front of thousand of onlookers at Guwahati’s Gorchuk.

Assam Excise minister Parimal Shuklabahdya himself led the anti-liquor campaign by driving the heavy rollers.

This is for the first time Assam has witnessed such an event. In total, 6 lakh bottles were seized by the excise department.

The liquor bottles have been seized from various parts of Guwahati and the excise department will continue to follow the process to put a complete lock-down on illegal sale of liquor in the city and the State.

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