Exclusive Visuals: AASU leader joins ULFA(I)


Video of a newly joined ULFA(I) cadre has been making rounds on social media on Wednesday. The person in the video is seen explaining that he has joined ULFA(I) even after fighting hard for the rights of the people in Assam being part of AASU.

The person in the video has been identified as Pankaj Pratim Dutta, who in the video is seen saying that he is a resident of Golaghat District’s Dergaon. Dutta also said that he had been actively working as one of the leaders of the AASU’s Dergaon Unit.

News of Dutta missing since September were also in the newspapers in the starting of October.

Watch the Video here:

Urging the youth of Assam to come forward and join the militant outfit, Dutta said that instead of submitting to the government of India even after having the ability of being self-sufficient it is better to fight for one’s right.

It may be noted that Dutta had informed in the video that the leaders of the organisation had no knowledge of his particular decision.

After the video, surfaced over social media, Dutta’s parents have been devastated by the news and are pleading  him to return to his family.

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