Facebook introducing strict ‘LIVE’ rules


Social media giant Facebook on Tuesday stated that it was making strict rules for its live streaming feature. The claim was made before a meeting of world leaders which is aimed at curbing online violence in the aftermath of the Christchurch massacre.

In a statement, Facebook said that it was introducing a “one-strike” policy for the use of Facebook Live. This feature will temporarily restrict access for people who have faced disciplinary action for breaking the company’s most serious rules anywhere on its site.

As per the new feature, first-time offenders will be suspended from using ‘Live’ for set periods of time, said the company.

Although, it informed that it is broadening the range of offences that will qualify for one-strike suspensions, however, the company did not mention which offences were eligible for the one-strike policy and for how long the suspensions would last.

It would not have been possible for the Christchurch shooter to use Live on his account under the new rules, said a spokesperson.

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