Facebook rates users’ ‘trustworthiness’


To counter the growing menace of ‘ fake news’ globally , Facebook has adopted a new trick. Under the new initiative, Facebook now rates its users on the basis of trustworthiness in an attempt to fight the issue of fake news.

People often tend to report content that they don’t agree with. So facebook is now rating its users trustworthiness according to a new report.


On Tuesday , Menlo Park a California-based company started assigning its users a “reputation score” of zero to one to predict how trustworthy they are when they report problematic content on Facebook, reported Elizabeth Dwoskin at the Washington Post.

If enough users report a story as false,  the Facebook team will undergo a fact-checking process in order to segregate  disinformation.

The user’s track record would be taken into account of  how many times that person reported stories as false. If somebody reports stories regularly  and the fact-checking team find these stories to be true, the judgement of the user would be made less reliable.Facebook , however is yet to disclose the whole process.


(Featured image: The Guardian)

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