‘Fake Clarification’ mentioning Nitumoni Saikia

“Beware of fake news falsely attributed to the Mishing community”

Pratidin Time on Friday elucidated that a clarification in the name of its Editor-in-Chief Nitumoni Saikia that was being circulated on social media was fake.

The statements were “not written by Nitumoni Saikia and have no relation with Pratidin Time”, the news channel said. The Channel authority also urged its viewers that “Beware of fake news falsely attributed to the Mishing community”.

“This is to notify that the attached clarification which is being circulated online has been doctored by miscreants; the information about Pratidin Time EIC’s statements, which these FB posts carry have not been issued by me & have no relation with the channel”, Saikia said.

Meanwhile, the Editor-in-chief has lodged an FIR in regard to the ‘false clarification’.

Editor-in-Chief Nitumoni Saikia also decided to clarify the matter in his show, to be aired on Friday at 9:00 pm.

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