Fake Indian Currency Racket Busted In Dhaka

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Dhaka Police has busted a fake Indian currency note racket and arrested two persons from a rented house in the Rampura area of Dhaka.

Police sources informed that in the Rampura area of the city a group of individuals was involved in making fake Indian currency notes, which were primarily aimed to be released in the Indian market through the Indian cattle smugglers involved in the rampant cross-border cattle smuggling.

The two notorious criminals involved with the fake note racket have been identified as Khasru and Rahim.

It may be mentioned here that these two criminals, since the last 10 years, have been involved in making fake Indian notes and releasing the same in the Indian market.

Sources informed that the duo released the money with the help of Indian cattle smugglers who would smuggle cattle to Bangladesh.

It may be mentioned here that the duo was planning to release fake Indian currency notes amounting to Rs 1 crore during the Eid ul Adha in India.

Sources informed that by releasing fake notes in the Indian market, the fake currency making mafia with which the duo was linked, was attempting to destabilize the Indian economy.

It may is worth mentioning here that the Dhaka police on July 9 busted another fake currency racket from a house in Rampura area and recovered 37 lakh fake Bangladeshi Taka and arrested 10 persons.

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