Farmer Protest: No Resolution Yet, Next Meeting On Dec 9

The farmer and the Centre could not come to a resolution for the third time on Saturday even after four hours of consultation on the newly implemented farm laws which ignited massive protests in Delhi. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday (December 9), ANI reported.

As per reports, the government sought some more time to come up with concrete proposals, to which the farmers agreed.

This is the third time both the parties met to deliberate over the concerns. While the farmers are stern in their demand to completely withdraw all the three laws, there have been a few developments in the matter. The farmers have accepted the government’s standpoint on minimum support price that MSP’s won’t be done away with. The government also agreed to proper registration of traders.

People were optimistic about Saturday’s meeting that both the parties will reach a common ground as the farmers earlier said that this was the last chance for talks.

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