Farmers Allege “Anti-Social Elements” Infiltrated Rally

Samyukt Kisan Morcha, the farmer protestors’ body, has alleged that the tractor rally was “infiltrated by anti-social elements” which resulted in vandalism, violence and hooliganism in the name of the otherwise peaceful movement.

The statement came hours after thousands of demonstrators clashed with policemen in different parts of Delhi. They were tear-gassed and charged with batons after they forced through the barricades at the borders and stormed into the heart of the national capital amid the 72nd Republic Day celebrations.

“We thank farmers for the unprecedented participation in today’s Farmers Republic Day Parade. We also condemn and regret the undesirable and unacceptable events that have taken place today and dissociate ourselves from those indulging in such acts,” the farmers’ body said. 

“Despite all our efforts, some organisations and individuals have violated the route and indulged in condemnable acts. Anti-social elements had infiltrated the otherwise peaceful movement. We have always held that peace is our biggest strength, and that any violation would hurt the movement,” the statement read.

Things went out of hand today afternoon after a large number of protestors stormed inside the iconic Red Fort and tried to hoist their flags at the spot where Prime Ministers hoists the national flag. One farmer also died in the rally after a speeding tractor overturned.

“We dissociate ourselves from all such elements that have violated our discipline. We appeal strongly to everyone to stick to the route and norms of the parade, and not indulge in any violent action or anything that taints national symbols and dignity. We appeal to everyone to desist from any such acts,” the Samyukta Kisan Morcha stressed. 

“Our information is that apart from some regrettable violations, the parades are underway peacefully as per plan,” it insisted.  

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