Fb, WhatsApp Oppose ‘Aadhaar-social media linking’


After the Centre on Monday emphasized on the need to link Aadhaar number with social media profiles, Facebook and Whatsapp have opposed it saying it will hamper the privacy of the users.

Facebook said linking of Aadhar will result in breach of privacy while WhatsApp asserted that its content was encrypted and can’t be read by a third party.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday said it will look into government’s plea to link social media platforms with Aadhaar. The government underlined that it was important to have database of online users in order to curb malicious acts such as cyber crimes, terrorism, fake news.

In response, Facebook and WhatsApp have opposed SC’s move to consider government’s plea.

Meanwhile, the top Court has also agreed to hear Facebook’s plea to transfer the cases related to demands for linking of social media profiles of users with Aadhaar number to the apex court pending before Madras, Bombay and Madhya Paradesh high court.

It had notified Centre, Twitter, Google, YouTube over Facebook’s plea for transfer of cases related to Aadhar-social media account linking from High Courts to itself.

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