FIFA World Cup 2018 Update | Russia, Uruguay in Top 16; Portugal and Spain inch closer


On the seventh day of the FIFA World Cup 2018, the competition heated up as Portugal pushed Morocco out of the tournament while Spain defeated Iran 1-0 in Group B.

All eyes were on Cristiano Ronaldo as he scored a goal in the fourth minute of the game, not disappointing fans who had high expectations from him after his hat-trick against Spain in their opening match.

In the match between Spain and Iran, when both failed to score a goal till half-time, it was Diego Costa who swooped in as the saving grace by scoring his team a point in the 54th minute.

Uruguay’s place in the Top 16 was finalized with their swift victory over Saudi Arabia as the misjudgment of Saudi goalkeeper Mohammed Al Owais allowed Luis Suarez to score a goal in the 23rd minute of the game.

The events of Day 7 of the FIFA World Cup have ensured Russia and Uruguay’s places in the Top 16 from Group A while teams from the other groups are yet to have confirmed a spot in the next round.

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