FIFA World Cup: Portugal and Spain play to a thrilling 3-3 draw


On the second day of the FIFA World Cup 2018, the Portugal – Spain match has been thrilling for the fans as much it has been for the players in it.

By far in the best game of the tournament, the two teams had scored 3 goals each, thus ending the game in a dramatic draw.

Portugal’s Captain Cristiano Ronaldo had scored the first hat-trick of the tournament, marking the 51st of his career. He has also become the first player to score in eight consecutive major international tournaments.

Goals on Spain’s part have been scored by Nacho and Diego Costa.

In the day’s other encounters, Iran has defeated Morocco 1-0 in Group B, while Egypt lost to Uruguay 1-0 in Group A.

Four matches have been scheduled for Saturday. France will face Australia at 3:30 pm, Argentina to go against Iceland at 6:30 pm and Peru will take on Denmark at 9:30 pm, while Croatia will play against Nigeria just after midnight.

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