Final Match Schedule of World Cup 2019


India announced their 15-man squad for the ICC World Cup 2019, to be played in the UK from May 30, 2019. Soon after conclusion of IPL, World Cup 2019 will start.

The first round of the tournament will see 10 teams — England (hosts), Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and West Indies — play against each other. The top four teams will progress to the semifinals. A total of 45 league matches will be played where all the teams will play against each other.

Now with the mega-event looming, Virat Kohli-led Indian cricket team will go into the mega event with an aim to lift the covetous cup for the third time, as they begin their campaign against South Africa on June 5.The announcement had been awaited with great anticipation, especially since it was announced about a week ago. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match Schedule and venue are as follows:

30th May,England vs South Africa, London, Time-3:00 PM

31th May, Windies vs Pakistan in Nottingham, Time-3:00 PM

01Jun, New Zealand vs Sri Lanka in Cardiff, Time-3:00 PM

01Jun, Afghanistan vs Australia in Bristol,Time-6:00 PM

02 Jun,South Africa vs Bangladesh in London ,Time-3:00 PM

03 Jun, England vs Pakistan in Nottingham,Time-3:00 PM

04 Jun, Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka in Cardiff , Time-3:00 PM

05 Jun, South Africa vs India in Southampton, Time-3:00 PM

05 Jun,Bangladesh vs New Zealand in London, Time-6:00 PM

06 Jun, Australia vs Windies in Nottingham, Time-3:00 PM

07Jun, Pakistan vs Sri Lanka in Bristol, Time-3:00 PM

08 Jun, England vs Bangladesh in Cardiff, Time-3:00 PM

08 Jun, Afghanistan vs New Zealand in Taunton, Time-6:00 PM

09 Jun, India vs Australia in London, Time-3:00 PM

10 Jun, South Africa vs Windies in Southampton, Time-3:00 PM

11 Jun, Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka in Bristol, Time-3:00 PM

12 Jun, Australia vs Pakistan in Taunton, Time-3:00 PM

13 Jun, India vs New Zealand in Nottingham, Time-3:00 PM

14 Jun, England vs Windies in Southampton, Time-3:00 PM

15 Jun, Sri Lanka vs Australia in London, Time-3:00 PM

15 Jun, South Africa vs Afghanistan in Cardiff, Time-6:00 PM

16 Jun, India vs Pakistan in Manchester, Time-3:00 PM

17 Jun, Windies vs Bangladesh in Taunton, Time-3:00 PM

18 Jun, England vs Afghanistan in Manchester, Time-3:00 PM

19 Jun, New Zealand vs South Africa in Birmingham, Time-3:00 PM

20 Jun, Australia vs Bangladesh in Nottingham, Time-3:00 PM

21 Jun, England vs Sri Lanka in Leeds, Time-3:00 PM

22 Jun, India vs Afghanistan in Southampton, Time-3:00 PM

22 Jun, Windies vs New Zealand in Manchester, Time-6:00 PM

23 Jun, Pakistan vs South Africa in London, Time-3:00 PM

24 Jun, Bangladesh vs Afghanistan in Southampton, Time-3:00 PM

25 Jun, England vs Australia in London , Time-3:00 PM

26 Jun, New Zealand vs Pakistan in Birmingham, Time-3:00 PM

27 Jun, Windies vs India in Manchester, Time-3:00 PM

28 Jun, Sri Lanka vs South Africa in Chester-le-Street, Time-3:00 PM

29 Jun, Pakistan vs Afghanistan in Leeds, Time-3:00 PM

29 Jun, New Zealand vs Australia in London, Time-6:00 PM

30 Jun, England vs India in Birmingham,Time-3:00 PM

01 Jul, Sri Lanka vs Windies in Chester-le-Street,Time-3:00 PM

02 Jul, Bangladesh vs India in Birmingham, Time-3:00 PM

03 Jul, England vs New Zealand in Chester-le-Street, Time-3:00 PM

04 Jul, Afghanistan vs Windies in Leeds, Time-3:00 PM

05 Jul, Pakistan vs Bangladesh in London, Time-3:00 PM

06 Jul, Sri Lanka vs India in Leeds, Time-3:00 PM

06 Jul,Australia vs South Africa in Manchester, Time-6:00 PM

09 Jul, 1st Semi-Final (1 v 4),Old Trafford, Manchester, Time-3:00 PM

11 Jul, 2nd Semi-Final (2 v 3) Edgbaston, Birmingham, Time-3:00 PM

14 Jul, Final, Time-3:00 PM

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