FIR against the I.O of Md Sanaullah case


Three separate FIRs have been filed by the Investigating Officer of the Border Police of the Assam Chandramal Das for falsely implicating army officer Md Sanaullah as Foreigner.

The FIR was filed by the there persons whose signature was in the Investigating report as witnesses filed by the Investigating officer Chandamal Das. All of them accused that IO never met them nor they every become witness to any such investigation.

Moreover, the IO Chandramal Das also confessed that he had investigated against a labourer having the same name but not the Md Sanaullah, who used to work in the Indian army.

Now this series of the event unfolded here, in this case, gave us what was happening in the name of foreigner’s detection cases in Assam.  Md Sanaullah was an army officer, and the story became big and hit national media too. However, that is the story of 1.5 lakh people against whom, and in 99% cases, the victim was also unfortunate to fight back. This is the biggest tragedy,” said Arman Wadud, lawyer of the Guwahati High Court, who has been handling such cases.

Meanwhile, the family members for his release have approached the Guwahati High Court today, and an embarrassed Assam Government has launched an inquiry. However, the truth is that Border Police is not competent and still following the archaic system of record keeping leading to harassment to innocent civilians.

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