First decision of the PM dedicated to those who protect India


On assuming charge in his second term as Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on Friday signed a file that approved his Cabinet’s decision on major changes in the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme under the National Defence Fund (NDF). The decision aims to enhance the amount of scholarships under the NDF and to include State Police Personnel in its ambit.

As per the reports, the rates of scholarship have been increased by 25% for boys and 33% for girls. Also the ambit of the Scholarship Scheme is extended to the wards of State Police officials who were martyred during terror or Naxal attacks. The decision is likely to remove anomalies in the Scholarship Scheme and help families of all those deceased while fighting terror or Naxals in State police forces.

Meanwhile, PM informed about the very first decision taken by the Union Cabinet via Twitter. “Our Government’s first decision dedicated to those who protect India! Major changes approved in PM’s Scholarship Scheme under the National Defence Fund including enhanced scholarships for wards of police personnel martyred in terror or Maoist attacks,” PM tweeted.

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