Five Animals Dead in Kaziranga Flood


The flood situation in Kaziranga National Park (KNP) has worsened after 70 percent of the park has been inundated with water. A total of 146 forest camps have been submerged under water.

According to the park authorities, three camps of the park have been vacated due to the current flood situation. Moreover, five animals including two one-horned rhinos have died in the park. Three hog deer died after it was hit by the vehicles, informed the park authorities.

However, the park authorities also informed that many wild animals including one-horned rhino, deer, elephants have taken shelter at highlands constructed inside the park and many animals came outside the park and moved towards the nearby Karbi Anglong hills area after the deluge hit most of the areas of the park.

The park authorities and district administration have also restricted the speed limit of all vehicles on National Highway 37 and introduced time cards to vehicles coming from both sides of the national park to provide security to the wild animals and also to prevent accidents.

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