Flood rages, Civil society, Pol. parties and Pressure groups sleep

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Assam is in the middle of a very major flood but the civil society, party cadres of major political parties like BJP, Congress and AGP and pressures like AASU, KMSS or AJYCP are in sleep.

If you open any media, print, TV or Web you see the devastation of Assam from upper to lower Assam but walk on the streets of any towns of Assam, there is complete indifference of ordinary people as if the flood does not exist.

This year’s flood looks like a big one and complete picture of destruction is yet to emerge but somehow the civil society and the huge cadre base of the BJP, which boast 33 lakh memberships in the state, is completely oblivious of the flood.

Even the AASU, AJYCP, KMSS and not to mention about various civil society groups are completely shying away from any responsibilities generally seen in other parts of the country, especially during the natural calamities like these.

In fact, during the Kerala Flood, civil society members and other organization, political and non-political, have jumped by the side of the administration to help the marooned people and also tried to organise food and clothing to meet the crisis.

But in Assam, the general narrative remains the government bashing and criticizing the centre for not declaring Assam Flood as a national problem.

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