Flood Situation Remains Grim in Assam


The unseasonal flood situation in Assam remains grim in many parts of the state and the rescue operation by NDRF and SDRF are in the process.

The rising water level of the Kopili River has submerged many areas in Doboka and Hojai and many villages are also submerged underwater.

The Salmari village, Baliram Pathar, Hayong village etc. are submerged underwater in Hojai district.

On the other hand, hundreds of people are still underwater at Doboka and the administration has not yet taken any rescue measures as alleged by the locals.

Moreover, the Bhojpuri society in Golaghat district is in a dilemma due to the flood as the Chhath Puja is round the corner and they are still in a state of mind as to whether they will be able to celebrate the festival or not. The rising water level of the Dhansiri River has washed away the ghats of Dhansiri.

The chhath puja is being celebrated on the banks of the river and as the ghats are being washed away by water, people don’t have the option to celebrate the puja in other places.

Floods have also destroyed the paddy cultivation and agricultural lands are also submerged underwater for which the farmers are in quandary.

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