For Funerals only 20 people: Assam Govt

In all funerals of Assam, henceforth only 20 persons can take part, announced Assam Government as Assam is going to enter the part-II of the second phase.

Addressing a press conference Assam chief secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna on Monday announced relaxation in several sectors and activities.

Some of the decisions Assam Government announced are

  • Right from the deputy secretaries to the high-level officials of the Assam Secretariat will have to attend their respective office regularly.
  • Third and fourth category employees will have to come to their respective offices as per the directives issued by their departmental officers.
  • Only 33 per cent of the employees will be able to attend the office at a time and the departments will prepare necessary rosters in this regard.
  • The chief secretary made it clear that the deputy secretaries, joint secretaries and secretaries will not be able to come to their respective offices using personal cars.
  • The Secretariat will make arrangements of buses to bring them to their offices and the time schedule and routes of the buses will be published in the newspapers.
  • The directors and deputy directors, serving in different directorates, autonomous councils, public sector institutions, will also have to attend their offices.
  • Zonal commissioners, deputy commissioners and SDOs (Civil) will issue directives for implementation of the same measures in their own office and other offices in the district.
  • Except the employees and workers of the office, outsiders’ entry will remain prohibited. People can communicate the offices through the control room and electronic medium.
  • All the officers will bring their identity cards while coming to offices.
  • Wearing of face masks and use of hand sanitizer have been mandated for all the employees and officers.
  • In workplaces, everyone will have to maintain social distancing.
  • The agriculture and financial sectors will remain open.”
  • The industrial activities will continue following standard operating procedure (SOP) and taking all protective measures.
  • E-commerce and digital economic activities will continue.
  • Activities of all the units under the health department will continue.
  • The machine shops and repair garages involved in agriculture activities will also remain open.
  • Transportation of agriculture products will continue.
  • Fishing, production of milk and milk-based products and their sale will continue, the chief secretary said.
  • Activities of oil and natural gas will continue.
  • However, all the educational institutes in the state will remain closed during the lockdown period.
  • After April 20, the migrated workers will be allowed only once to move to one district to their work sites in another district.”
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