How Indians are made into Bangladeshi for money


A foreigner’s tribunal meant for detecting foreigner’s have taken a 360 degree and exposed that a full scale industry is going on in Assam to make ordinary citizen a Bangladesh to mint money by all sections involved with the affairs.
This sensational revelation came as a judgment from the Foreigner’s Tribunal of Morigaon exposing long suspicion and allegation that innocent Indian were harassed in the name of detecting foreigners.
The Judge through the formal judgment exposed how hundreds of thousands of court notices and summons were not served on those against whom foreigner’s cases were slapped.
The inocent Indian person have no idea that there is a case lying against him in the FT, as the court issued summon and notices were either not delivered, or hung in the tree of electric post and in manier time signed by ghost receivers.
These forces the court to issue ex parte order as the other party had no inkling that there was any cases hearing on his name. The racket is so elaborative and rampant that a FT tribunal has to issue a judgment, shocking the entire state.
According to the FT, tribunal of Morigaon, it is rampant across the state. This judgment only vilify the long standing suspicion that a section of the people are hell bent on turning innocent Indian as Bangladeshi through the legal maze.
cording to the sensational judgment, the whole system is a farce and a money making industry with everybody involved in the cases is up to only making money.
The angry and distraught judge in a lengthy order exposed how the summons were not served to the opposite parties and judgments were obtained from the Tribunal showing the opposite party absent in the court.
“Foreigner’s case at this juncture have assumed the form of an industry as each and every persons involved with Foreigners case have been trying to mint money by any means” said the order.
The judgment did not stop there. It also said “Process server usually hung the notice upon some trees or electric poll despite innumerable cautioning. As a result the FT orders goes ex-parte”.
The Tribunal made its own investigations and found that majority judgments were ex parte as the Opposite party did not get wind of the legal development.
In most cases the opposite party was the alleged foreigners and they did not get a proper chance to represent before the court to represent the case before they were pronounced foreigners following court procedures.
The Judgment also said, most of the notice/summons were signed without going to the residential address of the party. Process server makes the report at his whims. Notices were hung on electric poll of the villages which do not even have electricity.
The Tribunal did try to caution the gaoburah and process servers umpteen times but it was not heeded. “Gaoburah/VDP secretary or president and process server try to get the cases proceeded ex-parte for some extraneous consideration, which includes involvement of third party”.
The Judgment also said, dereliction of duty for failing to serve summon in proper manner compelled this Tribunal to pass order detrimental to the procedures arrayed in those cases.
Various organization of the Minorities have always been saying that 99% foreigners cases were false and only harassing the ordinary Indians. This is for the first time a tribunal through a written and signed judgment blew off the lid of the whole scam.

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