Former CM Tarun Gogoi slams govt over COVID-19 handling


Former Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi while addressing the media on Sunday said “at a time when the lockdown across the country is gradually being lifted, a strict fourteen days lockdown has been imposed in Guwahati”.

Opposing the decision of a complete lockdown taken by the health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Gogoi said, “The lives of the common citizens will become miserable”.

Taking a dig at Sarma, the former CM commented, “The health minister visited the Maa Kamakhya Temple along with his family without wearing masks,” adding, “If the health minister doesn’t follow the necessary rules, how a citizen would follow rules then?”

He further remarked on the health minister taking decisions without any consultations, “This is a kind of dictatorship and it is affecting the general public severely”. Gogoi continued, “The previous lockdowns have not been able to prevent the spread of the disease instead the economy has suffered; there’s hardly any market control”.

Commenting on the present chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal, Gogoi said, “The CM is in his chair for namesake, he has no authority,” and added, “No other minister has any identity. This is the first ministry where only a single minister is efficient”.

Mentioning about deaths of rhinoceros, Gogoi said, Ranjan Kumar Medhi’s RTI response stated 565 rhinos have died so far, “The ministry calls them a ‘natural death’ but if the Rhinos’ numbers of death keep increasing, then gradually, they’ll become extinct”.

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