Four earthquakes rock Assam in 12 hours


Four moderate earthquakes with the same epicentre in a span of 12 hours not only jolted Assam and Arunachal Pradesh in past 12 hours but triggered an alarm bell amongst seismologist.

The epicentre of all these earthquakes is 62-65 kilometre north of Bomdila, very close to the Tibet Autonomous Region(TAR) of China. This is quite unsealed that four such tremors hit the region in a span of 12 hours and that too with the same epicentre.

Here is the list of earthquakes.

This is unprecedented in the recent memory that a series of such earthquakes have originated with the same epicentre. The seismologists have suggested that there is something cooking inside the crust of the earth.

Eastern Himalaya is always a very sensitive zone and considered young mountain as it is increasing by as meter per century.

But seismologist is not predicting a mega-earthquake any time, but consider the series of earthquakes as ominous.

There are so far no major damage reported from any parts of the region but the General panic amongst ordinary people have set in. The authorities are also in standby mode.

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