Fuel prices increased in Assam

At a time, when the fuel prices in the international market went down, the Assam Government has decided to increase the fuel prices in the State by Rs. 5 per litre. The new prices will come into effect from Wednesday (April 22).

According to reports, the new price of petrol in the State will be Rs. 77.48 per litre, while the new price of diesel will be Rs. 60.50 per litre. The decision was reportedly taken due to shortage of funds.

Meanwhile, taxes on liquor could also be increased in the coming day. Assam finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday said, “As a state, we can hike taxes only on petrol, diesel and liquor. Probably at some point of time, the state may raise tax on petrol and diesel, provided the prices in the international market go down so that the consumers are not affected.”

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