Garo organisations support bandh called by NESO


the Garo Students’ Union and the Association of Democracy and Empowerment (ADE) have decided to support the bandh called by the North East Students’ Organisation (NESO) on January 8, against the Central Government’s move to bring about the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016.

The NGOs through a press release have called for a shutdown on the day.

“North East must stop being a dumping ground for illegal immigrants. We vehemently oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 and are apprehensive about what will happen to Garo Hills if the Bill is passed,” said GSU president Tengsak Momin.

“Garo Hills has already been invaded silently by illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. The question now will be will Garo Hills be drowned in a quagmire of illegal Bangladeshis if the Bill is passed in the Lok Sabha,” questioned Momin.

President of ADE, Dalseng B CH Momin argued that the Bill was undemocratic and was being forced on the people. “It is destructive and will create tremendous harmful effects on us. We feel the PM has no respect for the sentiments of the indigenous people of the region. It is a conspiracy to silence the democratic voice of the indigenous people. The North East is ours and not a dustbin for Bangladeshis,” he said.

“This bill could lead to a drastic change in demographic patterns, social and political scenario and socio-economic growth of Northeastern region. We fear that this undemocratic decision could lead to a Tripura-like situation,” stated Momin.

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