Gauhati HC orders appointment of 9,513 successful TET candidates


The Gauhati High Court (HC) on Wednesday brought a smile on the faces of a number of eligible candidates who successfully cracked the Teacher’s Eligibility Test (TET) as it finally ordered for appointment of vacant posts after a 6 months long obstacle.

The Gauhati HC ordered the government to appoint 9,513 teachers posts to successful TET candidates in the state.

In March, the education department released ads throughout the state for appointment of regular 9,513 posts in primary and high schools but was halted due to HC interference.

A total of 133 candidates challenged the appointment and knocked at the Gauhati HC’s door which led to the procedure being delayed.

But now after 6 months, the HC has cleared all the obstruction and the appointments are likely to start soon.

All eligible candidates, who cracked the TET and holds a DLEd or BEd degree, can urge for appointment

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