Gaurav Gogoi Slams BJP Over Simultaneous Polls

Gaurav Gogoi (File Image)

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi addressing the media in New Delhi on Wednesday slammed the BJP over simultaneous polls, saying it was a “diversionary tactics” to divert people’s attention from real issues and accused the ruling party of remaining inconsistent on the issue.

“When we talk of ‘one nation, one election,’ then we also want improvements in the election process,” the MP from Kaliabor in Assam said.

Referring to separate dates for elections to the two Rajya Sabha seats in Gujarat, Gogoi raised questions as why two dates for election in the same state.

The two seats were vacated in Gujarat after BJP President Amit Shah and Smriti Irani were elected as MPs.

Gogoi further said that the Congress has approached the Supreme Court over the issue.

“We have raised issue of electronic voting machines and ballot papers. We have raised issues of how money and state machinery were misused during the elections,” Gogoi said, adding, “But the Prime Minister ignores them.”

“It is a way to distract people from real issues,” the Assam MP further said, adding that ‘one nation, one election’ is a constitutional process and if the government wants, then they can hold debate in Parliament over the issue.

Hitting out at the central government, the Congress leader further said, “It is the same government which did not hold assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat together. It is the same government which opted for seven-phase Lok Sabha elections to suit their needs.”

“When it suits them, they opt for multi-phase elections, when they feel something new should be done, then they talk about ‘one nation, one election,” Gogoi further slammed the BJP.

“They have not shown consistency in their functioning,” he said, adding, “They delay the model code of conduct to make some announcements.”

“Are they really serious about ‘one nation, one election‘”? MP Gaurav Gogoi questioned.

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