Ghy: Leopard Enters Girls’ Hostel

Image Source: Twitter

An adult leopard entered a girl’s hostel at a residential locality of Hengrabari in Guwahati on Monday.

The leopard was tranquilized and rescued by forest officials later in the day.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the leopard was trapped under a sofa in the balcony of the hostel’s ground floor.

The owner of the hostel Milestone, Mousumi Bora, who lives was quoted saying in the Hindustan Times report, “The animal must have entered the premises in the wee hours as seen in CCTV camera footage. It entered the grilled verandah and got trapped under a sofa”.

The subdivisional forest officer of Assam state zoo Tejas Mariswamy was quoted saying in the report that the animal was sedated and will be kept in the zoo. In case, the leopard is free of any injuries, a microchip will be inserted in the animal will be released in the forest.

Minister of Fishery, Excise, Environment & Forest, Parimal Suklabaidya tweeted, “Another successful operation today as we safely rescued an Indian leopard today which took shelter in a hostel in Hengrabari, Guwahati. The success can be attributed to the timely intervention of our Assam State Zoo, Wildlife Division and Territorial Division staff and police team”.

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