Girl assaulted by boyfriend in Guwahati


A girl has been allegedly assaulted by her boyfriend and two other guys at Kharghuli on Tuesday. According to reports the girl was assaulted inside a vehicle after a heated argument with her boyfriend  Rishi Choudhury over a phone call by her friend.

Two other guys who happened to be Rishi’s friends, Abhijit Deka (29) and Kankan Medhi (31) were also inside the car at the time of the assault.

Kankan Medhi  threw a party for his newly bought car and after the celebration, while dropping  the girl, she was assaulted by her boyfriend. The girls face was left with scars after the assault.


The locals rescued the girl after they came to know about the incident and informed the police. The Boys have been picked up and detained by the Latasil police.


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