Give 20 percent bonus to Tea Labourers: KMSS


The Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) chief Akhil Gogoi on Monday demanded that the tea labourers should have a bonus of 20 percent instead of 8.33 percent.

Addressing a press conference here today, Gogoi said that the bonus of 8.33 percent is an injustice to the tea labourers. It is an injustice to the tea workers. “The BJP and RSS want to take away the money of tea workers which they received a bonus of Rs. 5000 in their account. This government only works for the owners of the tea estate and the ministers will not be able to run for even one day with a years salary of tea labourers,” said Akhil.

He further said that at a time when the government should compel the owners to provide the bonus to the tea labourers which they deserve, the government only deprived the labourers from getting their desired amount.

The BJP government only wants to do politics with the tea labourers, said Akhil adding that the tea gardens are not running at a loss. He said that the ministers of Assam are buying new tea gardens and that as the ministers are the owners of the tea gardens, therefore, the government is supporting the owners.

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