GMC Introduces Online Tax Collection System


The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) has introduced new system for collection of tax through online and enforce machine. The corporation has changed the old system of collection tax by visiting door to door.

The corporation has already brought the enforce machine for collection of tax. The corporation will collect tax online in six zone in the city and it has also been informed by GMC officials that people will also be able to seek permission for construction of home through online.

The official further informed that the employees of GMC will be trained on the new software that has been installed for online tax collection.

The GMC has also emphasized on the cleanliness drive of Guwahati and there will be 12 flying squad in six divisions to monitor the cleanliness of the city. The corporation has also announced that if anyone will provide photographs of any person who throws garbage by roadside will be awarded with Rs. 100 and Rs. 500.

It has also been announced by GMC that if anyone will pee in the roadside then they will also have to pay a fine.

The official also informed that the 330 drains in the city have been cleaned but the citizens throw the garbage in the drains for which it gets blocked frequently.

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