Go To Kaziranga For ‘adventurous trekking’

Nature has its own unique way of nurturing and healing. Haven’t you heard of the saying: If you are tensed or stressed, just take a walk in the greens and you will feel energized and refreshed in no time.

Well, the Kaziranga National Park (UNESCO world heritage site), in Assam brings to you an ‘adventurous trekking’ facility amidst the green and charming nature.

The ‘adventurous trekking’ facility will be available in the tropical mixed forests of Panbari Reserve Forest under the Bokakhat Beat. From the hilltop of Karbi Pahar you will see a panoramic view of the floodplain and ecosystem of Kaziranga National Park. It has a good diversity of birds and primates.

One-horned rhinoceros are rare and it’s considered an opportunity of a lifetime to spot one. Photographers often suggest that this habitat is particularly delightful. Go ahead to check them out at the world famous natural habitat, which is situated in the Northeastern state of Assam.

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