Good News: AIDS cure found

In a historic development for the medical science, an HIV-positive man in Britain has become the second known adult worldwide to be cleared of the AIDS virus. According to doctors, he has been cleared of the AIDS virus after he received a bone marrow transplant from an HIV resistant donor.

Almost three years after he received bone marrow stem cells from a donor with a rare genetic mutation that resists HIV infection – and more than 18 months after he came off antiretroviral drugs – highly sensitive tests still show no trace of the man’s previous HIV infection, reports news agency Reuters.

“There is no virus there that we can measure. We can’t detect anything,” said Ravindra Gupta, a professor and HIV biologist who co-led a team of doctors treating the man.

However, the patient has asked his doctors’ team not to reveal his name, age or any identity.

About 37 million people were currently infected with HIV across the globe. Timothy Ray Brown, also known as the ‘Berlin patient’, is the first person to have been cured of AIDS.

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