Google shows Muslim Name when you search ‘Zubeen Garg Full Name’


If you search ‘Zubeen Garg Full Name’ on Google, it shows ‘Md.Jihad Hossain Munna’ on the pop up of the search engine. Google needs to get its algorithm right.

In the latest mess by the search engine giant, the Muslim name crops up when you search for ‘Zubeen Garg Full Name’.

What is the full name of Zubeen Garg?

= Zubeen Borthakur (Nick Name: Goldie). He was named after the music composer Zubin Mehta.

This is not the first time Google has made a mistake like this when it comes to offending the Indian diaspora. A 2015 search for World’s Most Stupid Prime Ministers showed PM Narendra Modi along with other world leaders like Tony Abbot and David Cameron. Naturally, Indians were furious at this, and Google was forced to issue an apology.

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