Government instructs WhatsApp to control spread of sensationalist rumours

The Centre has warned the instant messaging app Whatsapp to immediately contain the explosion of fake and sensational messages in the wake of recent instances of public killings taking place all over the country due to rumours circulated through the app.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has conveyed that a platform as influential as WhatsApp cannot evade accountability and asked WhatsApp to take immediate action to end this menace.

“The abuse of a platform like WhatsApp for repeated circulation of such provocative content is of deep concern to the Government of India. The ministry has taken note of these incidents as well as the circulation of provocative rumours being spread on the platforms,” said an official release from the Ministry.

The senior management of WhatsApp has been informed of the uproar caused by such circulated messages and have been directed to find a remedy to contain the spread of the messages.

The IT Ministry has taken note of the situation and has conveyed its deepest regrets regarding the unfortunate killings in many states such as Assam, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tripura, and West Bengal.

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