Government schools in Shimla to remain closed for 5 days in wake of water crisis

The department of education of Himachal Pradesh has ordered all government schools to be shut from June 04-08 in wake of the ongoing water shortage in Shimla.

However, schools will remain open during the annual monsoon break in July.

Shimla has been indergoing acute water crisis since the last 15 days. Numerous protests have also been reported from parts of the city.

It may be mentioned here that the Himachal Pradesh High Court had banned the use of tankers for supply water, except for the Governor’s and Chief Minister’s residences; however, there were reports that tankers were being used to supply water in posh areas of the city.

Bottled water prices have inflated sharply due to the ongoing crisis; hotels have limited water supply to guests by providing them water in buckets.

Featured image source: Facebook

(Inputs from ANI)

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