Government to run Raha toll gate, not to bow down to agitators

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and Assam Government are not going to close down the Raha toll gate and will resume operation anytime. This was clear when NHAI sought a meeting with the Deputy Commissioner of Nagaon.

On the other hand the agitators led by the AJYCP and KMSS warned that they would not let the toll gate run.

In the mean time, Assam Transport and Industry Minister Chandra Mohan Patowary made it clear that the Raha toll gate would remain and would function as without the toll it would not be possible to maintain the highway.

When pointed out that many of the NHAI facilities had been incomplete, Patowary nonchalantly said that same would be completed with the money collected from the toll gate. Regarding the toll difference between Assam and Meghalaya he said that cost of the road was different in different place.

As none of the three sides, Assam Government, NHAI and agitators are buckling down, another show off was expected today and the vehicular traffic in the central Assam bounded to be affected.

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