“Govt Blaming SC over NRC” : Gogoi tells CJI


Unhappy with exclusion figure in NRC list, former Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Thursday writes a letter to Chief justice of India Ranjan Gogoi mentioning the deficiencies in the updatation process. 

Read the complete letter of Tarun Gogoi to CJI Ranjan Gogoi

Respected Chief Justice Shri Gogoi,

I beg to draw your kind attention about the resentment expressed in every nook and corner of the state by all sections of the people of Assam irrespective of caste, creed and religion after publication of the final N.R.C.

As you are aware that the final NRC was declared on 31 August 2019 as per your direction wherein out of 3,30,27,661 applicants, 3,11,21,004 numbers were included and 19,06,657 numbers were excluded. At the time of publication of draft NRC wherein 40 lakh people were excluded which created a lot of hue and cry as large number of genuine Indian citizens were left out. It was expected that the NRC authority would be more cautious and the final NRC list would be error-free but unfortunately it has been found to be contrary as lakh of people belonging to all communities and religion were excluded from the list which has created a lot of confusion and uncertainty among them.

I am also convinced today that the NRC authority headed by Sri Prateek Hajela, IAS, State Co-ordinator has not discharged his duty and responsibility efficiently and effectively as per your direction although more than 50,000 Govt. officials were engaged and approx. Rs 1200 Cr was spent along with time and energy at the cost of developmental works of the state. The final NRC list has been rejected by almost all the Political parties, social organisations, Intellectuals and various Youth organizations of the state.

The most surprising fact is the stand of the State Govt. is contrary to the Govt. of India as expressed by Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma, Minister Finance, Health, etc and also by the ruling party State President Sri Ranjit Dass rejecting the final list and exposing its anomalies. Moreover the Central Govt. Spokesperson, Ministry of External Affairs, Shri Raveesh Kumar has made the statement that the NRC update was statutory, transparent and a legal process, mandated by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and court monitored exercise.

The State Govt. also, if I am not wrong, is trying to blame the Supreme Court as they have been making allegations that they had their limitations due to interference of the Supreme Court while the Supreme Court was not the implementing authority but the fact is that the Govt. of India was the implementing authority of the NRC. In my view, it is nothing but a total failure of the Govt. of India. Now the question arises about the fate of lakh of people who were left out of the N.R.C Final list and were asked to move to the Foreigner’s Tribunal to prove their citizenship and undergo all sorts of difficulties and hardships by dragging them to the courts not because of their faults but due to the callousness and inefficiency of the N.R.C implementing authority

It may be mentioned that even Army, Police personnel, family members of freedom fighters, MLAs, Ex MLAs and family members of Former President of India, Late Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and thousands of examples of people who have all the documents including Indian Passports have been left out. It is also amusing that the Home dept., Govt. of India had made the announcement that those who are excluded are not foreigners or suspected foreigners. Since they are Indian citizens and have not yet been declared as foreigners, so should they go to the Foreigner’s Tribunal is a big question.

Another question arises about the fate of these people whose names were enlisted in the Voter list of 2019 under which Lok Sabha elections were held in the country including Assam and the voter list of 2019 was prepared by linking of 1966 voter list where their names were included as Indian citizens. Since the list was prepared by Election Commission of India, a constitutional body, how these people could be excluded from the NRC ?

My humble submission before you as you being the Head of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to see that the genuine Indian citizens are not deprived of their dignity and right to life and liberty as enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

The present situation is undoubtedly grave and unprecedented. In this situation, the people of Assam are looking forward to your kind intervention by reviewing the whole issue so that justice is given to them.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Tarun Gogoi)

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