Govt colleges asked not to appoint teachers on contract


In a recent move by the Assam government, the government-aided colleges in the State are asked not to appoint teachers on part-time or contractual basis. As per Assam College Teachers’ Association, the colleges are going to face massive faculty crisis following the order by the government of Assam, which will adversely impact the educational performances of the colleges and the move will render hundreds of people jobless.

Also there are thousands of college teachers’ posts lying vacant in government-aided colleges in the State. A member of the Teachers’ Association also said, “Only a handful of new posts of college teachers have been created in the State in 1992.”

The colleges having huge number of students face shortage of teachers and to manage the situation, the colleges appoint teachers on a part-time or contractual basis. But the government’s decision on banning the practice of appointing teachers on contractual basis will put the college authorities in a dilemma, informed the members of the Teachers’ Association.

Meanwhile, Assam Education Minister Siddhartha Bhattacharya, while speaking on the matter, said that the government has been working on a permanent solution by reducing the pay gap of the college teachers.

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