Govt may rethink on CAB

Oppn. request PM, promise cooperation

The Government may rethink in pushing the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill(CAB) following a request from the entire opposition promising smooth functioning of the last session of the Lok Sabha in return.

This development took place today in the all party meeting presided over by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who reached out to the opposition to conduct the last session of the Lok Sabha peacefully and with constructive work.

The Prime Minister also informed the opposition that an interim budget will be presented tomorrow not a full fledged budget.

The Opposition  assuring cooperation with smooth conduct of business has asked the government to take up only non-controversial bills in the last session before the national election.

“We should take up only those bills which are not controversial… on which there is total unanimity,” said Mr Gulam Nabi Azad, the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha.

The government has listed 44 bills for passing.

The opposition reportedly told the government that it would be difficult for parliament to function if the government pushed for “contentious bills” like the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, which has sparked protests across the northeast, and the Triple Talaq Bill.

Allies have reportedly advised caution to the government on forging ahead, without a consensus, on the bill to provide Indian citizenship to non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This development has rekindled the hope that Government may change the heart at the last minute and not push the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

The Government want a peaceful Lok Sabha session as they would like to announce a few big ticket announcement for the poor and would not like that to lost out in the din.

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