“Govt responsible for Dr Deben’s Murder”: Wife writes to Modi

The Teok incident, has been creating terror among the doctors across the various districts of the state.

On 1st September 2019, a doctor named Dr Deben Dutta, was brutally beaten to death in Teok Tea Estate hospital.

After his brutal murder, the doctors of various districts started to resign from their jobs (especially tea estate doctors) due to their life security.

It may be stated that, informing the whole horrific incident, Dr. Dutta’s wife Aparajita Dutta had written a letter and sent it to Prime Minister of India, where she mentioned clearly, actually what happed that day.

She added, “We strongly felt that if the victim Late Dr. Dutta were provided immediate medical attention, he would have surely survived and in this regard we hold the law and order authorities and the state Administration responsible for the delay in providing medical treatment to the Victim. We also came to know from various sources that the mob not only brutally attacked Dr. Deben Dutta but they also obstructed the ambulance to take him to nearest hospital. This clearly indicates that the lynching mob had not only caused grievous injury to the Doctor by using blows, kicks and shreds of broken glass, but they also made sure that he could not receive any medical assistance.”

It may be stated that, Aparajita Dutta added that, earlier also, such attacks took place with the other doctors of Tea estates where the doctors have to lost their life or get injured for lifetime.

Moreover, during the letter, Aparajita dutta seeks proper concern of the Prime Minister of India in this regard and she wished that the accused must be punished, which have involvement in the incident.

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