Govt tries to make NRC valueless: ASSP


Before a few hours of publishing the final NRC, a press meet had arranged by Assam Sangkhyalaghu Sangram Parishad (অসম সংখ্যালঘু সংগ্ৰাম পৰিষদ) (ASSP), in Dispur Press Club on Friday.

Addressing the press meet they told, “NRC is directly related to the emotions of the people of Assam. But only for their profit, the political parties along with the Hindutwabadi organizations of Assam are trying to make the NRC valueless.”

They added, “We need a pure NRC. The rackets, who have been trying to make NRC valueless, should be forced back. Government and the organizations may have been trying to motivate the citizens from NRC.”

It may be alleged by ASSP that, people from each and every community should be included in the implementation committee of 6 no paragraph of Assam accord which is not happening.

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