GU Official Website Hacked


The Website of Gauhati University ( was hacked for some hours on Friday by some unknown hackers.

The hackers even threatened to disclose every secret of the university if their demands are not fulfilled.

When someone opens the website, the homepage flashes the following message- “FAKE FREE ADMISSION? WOW! YOU GUYS REALLY LOVE TO GET HACKED! DON’T YOU?”

The message further adds, “KhanBaris. Ah s**t! Here we go again! RISING FROM THE ASHES!”

ys are up to Guwahati University? Do you even know how much students are struggling for exam fees and admission?”

“Let us directly clue you guys (GU officials) in! This HACK is “NOT” for fun. We can get access to each and everything Guwahati University literally owns! You guys better watch your back,” the message adds further.

“Either GU should suppress their called exams fees and admission fees. OR GU should CANCEL EXAMS,” it added.

“STUDENTS! WE ARE FIGHTING FOR YOU! WE WANT hashtag #GUGOTREKT #OP_KHANBARIS trending on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook,” the message on the hacked homepage reads.

The hackers also added one YouTube video message at the end.

The video uploaded in the website shows a youth lashes out at the GU authorities for asking students to take admission at a time when Guwahati is under 14-day lockdown.

The speaker in the video said, “When most students don’t know internet banking and struggling to arrange a morsel of food, in such a situation how could the authorities even imagine of announcing admission,”.

By the time the news report was prepared, the GU authorities had brought down the site.

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