GU Professor family Excluded from NRC


Among the many residents and natives of Assam, who were left out of the NRC complete list, was Chandan Kumar Goswami, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication and Journalism, Gauhati University. Not just him, the report stated that none of his family members was a part of the complete NRC either.

Assam’s complete National Register of Citizens (NRC) list was published on Saturday. More than 19 lakh people did not make the cut in final NRC, published on August 31. Of the 3.3 crore applicants, an estimated 3.1 crore featured in the final NRC.

While those who were excluded may mostly include illegal immigrants residing in the state, it spelt disaster for several Indians, who were declared non-residents following technical glitches.

Served in the Gauhati University as a full time faculty member since 2006 in the Department of Communication & Journalism. Dr. Goswami was Head in-charge from May 2011 to January,2016 of this department. Also served this department as Guest faculty from 2000 to 2006 and worked as the bridge in the tough time of the dept.

Prior to the Gauhati university, Goswami was a Lecturer in Linguistics and later HOD of the dept in Karmashree Hiteswar Saikia College (then City College), Guwahati. Goswami also served in the Anandoram Barooah Institute of Language Art and Culture (ABILAC), Guwahati as Asst. Editor for a Dictionary project ‘Samagrik Asomiya Sabdakosh’ for about three years.

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