Shame! ‘Gutka’ Stains Witnessed On Guwahati’s New Bridge Even Before Inauguration

Even before inauguration, ‘gutka’ and ‘betel nut’ spit stains were witnessed on the new ‘Art Bridge’ in Guwahati’s Supermarket area.

Some people have deliberately spat on the new bridge, the act of which was condemned by netizens as well the artists who poured their heart out to bring the bridge to life.

One of the artists said that it felt like somebody spat “on our face, not on the bridge”.

In view of the same, netizens have urged the state government to take action and impose heavy penalty on these uncivilized people.

The bridge is set to be inaugurated tomorrow (November 4) by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

It is noteworthy to mention that things like this have occurred before as well. Just after the inauguration of the GS road foot-over bridge, spit stains were found on some parts of it, enraging netizens and residents alike.

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