Guwahati based technology company develops ‘Onclass’


Amidst the chaos of coronavirus outbreak, a Guwahati based technology company develops an online teaching platform developed in India called “OnClass ” which has really been a revelation and infused fresh air into the domain of online education. India has always had enormous talent and skills, and its most fitting that we witness and support them compassionately in the era of “Vocal for Local”.

The OnClass platform, which is a collaborative effort of Libresoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd along with Megon Creative India Pvt.Ltd is  a user friendly and secured platform for successful online learning with an easy to learn and neat interface. It is designed in such a way that one can share information and conduct classes simultaneously in a hassle-free manner. It allows students and teachers to interact, upload materials to learn from, and enter into live video sessions to communicate in real-time. A Learning Management System (LMS) with integrated video conferencing solutions, OnClass rightly provides an appropriate learning environment and solution for conducting virtual classes ensuring privacy, ownership of data and security of the participants. OnClass through its features like Advanced Interactive Whiteboard, Browser based communication, Screen Sharing, Real time text chat, Attendance tracker, Social wall for students , Assignments and Assessment,Polling Mechanism to interact and share ideas will provide the ambiance of a traditional classroom through a virtual class.

Having an Indian touch and bias, the OnClass team helps in addressing the issues, problems, and domains with much greater interest, sincerity, and dedication. Greater synergy is provided by the developers due to their closer understanding and a better touch of the ground issues.

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