Guwahati: BJP Releases Monthly Magazine at Its Headquarter

BJP, Assam Pradesh on Tuesday inaugurated its monthly Assamese magazine BJP Barta at its party headquarter in Hengrabari. The inauguration of the event was done by the National General Secretary and Member of Parliament, Dilip Saikia.

As reported, State President and Cabinet Minister Ranjit Kumar Dass were also present at the inauguration ceremony.
The upcoming edition of ‘BJP Barta’ will be unveiled by Chief Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma, according to the source.

“It is unknown at this time whom will State President Ranjit Das chose as his inheritant. Presidential elections are an internal matter of the BJP. The national leadership will take a decision in time”, says Dilip Saikia on asking about who will be the next president of the state.

On the matter of the ongoing drugs racket, Dilip Saikia further adds, “complaints have been made against drugs racket in the state, police have arrested, and it has been decided to strictly enforce the laws in the meantime”.

Dilip Saikia also makes statements on the CAA issue of Assam stating that, “CAA is not an issue for BJP but a commitment. For other organizations, intellectuals it is an issue. After the adoption of the law, efforts have been made to enforce the law. 5 states have already been instructed for the implementation of CAA. The BJP is determined to enforce the rule all over India.”

With the increasing hike in prices in the state, the citizens are currently going through a hard time. However, Dilip Saikia makes a statement the price hike to the days during Congress rule. “Price Hike was a matter of concern even during the Congress rule. This is not a comparison rather is a response to the protest of the Congress members. But the BJP has given back the money that has been taken from the people during price hikes in the form of various schemes. Prices have risen across India. However, mechanisms for control are being developed and will be regulated soon”, says Dilip Saikia.

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